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HF & VUC Copenhagen South's development department participates in national and international projects aimed at strengthening skills for the job market and further education of our students and course participants. We focus on areas such as inclusion, IT didactics, democratic communities, and learning designs, which contribute to reducing learning inequality and increasing participants' success in their workplace and further studies.

Participation in national and international project development and collaboration also aims to strengthen both learners’ and staff members' perspectives nationally and internationally and increase their understanding of diversity and European culture and languages.

The project- and development department contributes to staff job satisfaction through competence development, new learning perspectives in adult education and youth education, and through active project management, job swaps, and encounters with other cultures.

HF & VUC Copenhagen South collaborates with:

  • Erasmus+
  • Nordplus
  • Capital Region of Denmark
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Ministry of Education
  • Danish Social Funds