Strategy for the Project and Development Department

The overall strategic goal of the Project and Development Department at HF & VUC Copenhagen South is based on our main objective; to provide students with the prerequisites for completing their desired further education and improving their opportunities to meet the increasing challenges and demands of the labour market today. All in a rapidly changing and evolving environment. Therefore, we focus on employee competence development and the development of educational programmes and courses to create the best possible framework for student learning.
The development of all projects focuses on general organizational development and sustainable implementation. In continuation of this, projects and collaborations should serve as building blocks for future projects.

The department's work stems from the strategic goals of HF & VUC Copenhagen South:

  • More students and course participants should choose an education at HF & VUC Copenhagen South. And we should develop ourselves to be a significant educational partner to interested partners.
  • Motivated students and course participants through the development and strengthening of our study environment and the development and strengthening of our teaching through democratic communities, digital- and new learning strategies that increase completion and academic achievements.
  • Empowered students and course participants, where we promote that students have capable skills and mindsets to make a competent choice of education and career for themselves and can follow through with it afterwards.


The above forms the background for the strategic goals of the Project and Development Department, which are:

  • Application and development of national and international projects and collaborations aimed at KA1 mobilities, study trips, job swaps, job shadowing, system export, KA2 partnerships, Erasmus+ courses. All with a focus on furthering the competencies of students and staff, developing teaching and educational programmes, as well as networking.
  • Development of collaboration with municipalities and private partners. We aim to be educational partners who can offer relevant courses of high quality. Agility is central to us, and we work to understand the needs of our partners both in the short and long term.
  • Development of teaching materials for VEU, FVU, AVU, OBU, and HF. This development is based on digitization of educational materials and on making educational offerings more flexible for businesses, municipal collaborations, and internal programmes. The development of materials is based on a mindset of inclusion, motivation, retention, and completion, as well as a focus on learning outcomes. The goal of this is to provide students and participants with a greater range of opportunities to take ownership of their lives and become active citizens.


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