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About HF & VUC København Syd

Welcome to HF & VUC København Syd.

We are a VUC - an adult education center offering HF (equivalent to high school diploma), individual HF subjects for adults, and dyslexia education.

You can attend classes either in person or online. We also offer a 1-year HF program if you aspire to become a nurse, social worker, or child educator. We accommodate individuals with limitations.

Our goals at KBH SYD
Our mission and objectives are to inspire and assist our students so that everyone:

  • experiences and contributes to openness and diversity
  • receives training in active citizenship
  • realizes dreams through education

Do you need help with login?

We understand that logging in to the school learning platforms can sometimes be challenging if Danish isn't you first language.

Please don't worry, we're here to help!

Here you will find a login guide in English that might help you. This way, you can easily access the school's learning systems and improve your Danish skills even further

Access to Wi-Fi

The school's wireless network is named: "KBHSYD" - at both school branches.

Log in using [SMS username] + the code you received via SMS.

If you have a Chromebook, you often need to configure your Wi-Fi connection. The settings are: "PEAP" and "MSCHAPv2". See here how to set up your Chromebook Wifi network. Go to PDF guide

Note: New students will use their student ID number (kursistnummer) as the username."

Edulife og Google

On Edulife, you will find the school's 'notice board,' and it's also where you can access all the Google apps (in the top menu) that you need for your classes, as well as the link to LudusWeb.

It's recommended to use the Google Chrome browser when logging in.

Your login for Edulife and Google Apps:
Username: [the username you received via SMS]
Password: The password you created the first time you logged in. Log in here:

Forgot your password for your school Google account? Contact the school's IT support.

New student? If you're a new student, use your student ID number (Kursistnummer) as your username. Your username is "kursistnummer"

You received your password via SMS at the start, on the mobile number you provided during enrollment. To receive a new login SMS, send a text message with the text "kbhsyd password" to 1204. Remember to change your password the first time you log in!

Log in here:"



Log in to LudusWeb using your "Kursistnummer"

Login here:

For the first time login, you can also use your student ID number (kursistnummer)  and the four-digit code you received via SMS - without 'kbhsyd' in front. Use the two fields in the upper right corner. You will be prompted to change your password.

Click on '*Kursist' in LudusWeb if you need to change your mobile phone number. If, for example, you haven't received an SMS with login information, it might be because your mobile phone number is not correct in LudusWeb.

Log in to LudusWeb with your UniLogin or MitID.

Click the 'UniLogin' button at

Then enter your UniLogin and password. If you don't know your UniLogin, you can log in with MitID. See the guide on how to log in with MitID here."

Kursistnummer (student ID Number)

You can find your "Kursistnummer" in your enrollment letter. If you have any questions about this, please write to the school at"

Google Meet

If you are a student at the school:

If you need to join a meeting on Google Meet, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your school Google account
  2. Click on the link provided for the meeting.
  3. Participate in the meeting.

In general, you should always use your school Google account.

If you are using a personal Gmail account (not your school account), you need to request to join the meeting when you click on the Google Meet link. After requesting to join, you'll need to wait until someone in the meeting admits you.

If you are an external participant:

If you are an external partner or a parent who needs to join a Google Meet, you can either:

  • Request to join using the link (if you have a personal Google account).
  • Or you can be invited using your regular email address (which is not a Google mail)


Please be aware that it may take up to 24 hours for your access to Classroom to be activated after your teacher invites you to join the classroom. You can view the classrooms you've been invited to here: (remember to use the Google Chrome browser).

For in-class students: Your teacher will grant you access to the classroom when your class begins. If you don't have access, reach out to your teacher via email or in class.

For e-learning students: If you can't access Classroom, it's because you haven't been invited to your classroom by your teacher yet. Typically, this invitation will be sent 3 days before the start of the course (when your teacher has the module assignments ready).

If you don't have access, contact your teacher. You can find your teacher's contact information via your subject site (which you can find a link to on the right side of the school's intranet: Edulife)

Login SMS

How to get a new SMS:

If you haven't received your login SMS, please check if your mobile number is correct in LudusWeb. The code has been sent to the mobile number registered in LudusWeb under the 'Mobile Phone' field.

Once you have corrected your mobile number, you can have your username and password resent via SMS within 1-2 hours. Simply send a text message with the text "kbhsyd kodeord" to 1204

Forgot My Password?

You have three different logins for the school's systems:

  1. One for Google/Edulife/Classroom (which you created the first time you logged in)
  2. One for Office, network/Wi-Fi, and printers (password received via SMS)
  3. One for LudusWeb. If you've forgotten your LudusWeb password, your teacher can reset it for you. Occasionally, you'll also need your UniLogin. You use this for digital textbooks (e.g., on emu or systime) or when logging into Netprø

How to find your UniLogin:

Get a new password:

If you've created a new password for Google/Edulife but have forgotten it, please contact the school at or contact the school's IT support. If you've forgotten your password for the school's printers, Office suite, or school network/Wi-Fi, you can have it resent by sending a text message with the text "kbhsyd kodeord" to 1204. If you've forgotten your UniLogin password, you need to log in with MITID/NEMID. If you're a brand new student and haven't logged in before, you need to receive an SMS with your login details. Send a text message with the text "kbhsyd kodeord" to 1204.


Log in to with your [SMS username] + the code you received via SMS.

The printers are labeled with an 'A' (for printers in Amager) or 'H' (for printers in Hvidovre) followed by a room number or floor designation.

The names of the printers are also displayed directly on the printers.

Printing should be kept to a minimum and MUST ONLY be used for school-related purposes

Wifi Guest login

The guest login for the wireless network is: KBHSYD-Guest.

You can only use KBHSYD-guest if you have been given a guest login, e.g. by the Reception.


Log in with your [SMS username] + the code you received via SMS.

You can use UMS if you want to change your password for printers, network, and Outlook."


Are you still having trouble with your login?

Fill out this form and submit your issue to the school's IT support.

 Form for IT Support (Danish)

Computers and books

You bring your own laptop to class. Unfortunately, mobile phones, tablets, iPads, or Chromebooks are not sufficient. The school staff can provide guidance and assistance if you encounter IT issues on campus, such as connecting to the internet or accessing printers.

Read more about the rules for computer loans, as well as IT regulations and digital behavior, here (in Danish).